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Did you know that roadrunners can run up to 17 miles per hour? It is the State Bird of New Mexico.

Roadrunners don’t fly very often. They fly close to the ground when they are going down hill or sense that a predator is near,  but they can only stay off the ground for a few seconds at a time.

Roadrunners mostly eat scorpions, lizards, insects, rodents, snakes, and other birds. They do eat plants in the winter when there aren’t a lot of animals around. One of the coolest roadrunner facts is that they hunt, kill, and eat rattlesnakes! They hunt by using their wings like a bullfighter uses his red cape. Then the roadrunner grabs the rattlesnakes tail and whips it around and around, hitting it on the ground until it’s dead.

To make a nest, roadrunners use sticks and twigs. Usually females want to have it in small trees and bushes where she lays 2-12 eggs.  The eggs hatch between 18-20 days. The roadrunners that hatch last are called runts, and sometimes the parents eat them.


  1. Gerry Paiva says:

    Thanks for listening to my request for more information and filling me in on all the interesting facts. I love watching the roadrunners in our creek bed and have seen them with lizards in their mouth. Eating the runts is a bit disturbing don’t you think? Gerry

  2. Heidi (Lindsay's mom) says:

    Hi Maryn,

    I love the information you have on roadrunners. They are such funny birds. We saw one run along the top of our back fence one time, it was neat how they move!

    • Wow! I’d love to see a roadrunner run down my fence but I live in Florida! Where did you see one? [What state?]

  3. Wow great article! It has a lot of potential.



    In mexico or new mexico.

  5. i say a really cool one down next to a river of mexico it was really cute but kinda scary

  6. i mean i say a really cute and scary one but its colors was amazing and i love this article it is so education for kids but i am adult my kids really like it because it is good for their projects and i am proud of them too. this article is really nice because it helps my with my projects so i want to say who ever wrote it good job and i really know you like it too. WISH ME GOOD LOOK ON THIS PROJECT
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  7. I love roadrunners! I also love loony toons!!!

  8. I am a homeschool student in 3rd grade and these facts about roadrunners really help for doing a report on roadrunners!

  9. in new mexico because its the stats bird ,and how do i know because i look it up and its my project.

  10. I think the road runner is fast

  11. I live in Red Bluff Calif.we took a pic of a Roadrunner in front yard today.Do they live in this area?

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