Bottlenose Dolphins

This post is for my big brother, Decker. He loves dolphins!

You probably guessed that Bottlenose Dolphins got their name because of the shape of their beak, but did you know that they can’t smell? Nope. But they make up for that
because they have great eyesight and hearing skills!

Bottlenose Dolphins can make there own music by the sounds they make. They send messages in many ways. Using clicks and whistles, they can alert each other if they smell danger or if fish are swimming by.

Bottlenose dolphins use echolocation to find food and other things, just like bats! First, they make a high-pitched sound. Next, that sound travels through the water and hits it’s target. Then the sound returns to the dolphin like an echo. This echo tells the dolphin how far away something is, how big it is, and how fast it is moving. Their great hearing helps! Some scientists think that the sounds travel through their jaws and into their inner ear.

Dolphins are mammals like us, so that means that they have to breath air. They breath through their blowholes, and these blowholes open and close to let air in and keep water out.