Puffer Fish

Did you know that Puffer Fish are very interesting fish? Puffer Fish puff up when predators come swimming by looking for food.  When other fish gobble them down it wont be a good snack to eat because it can still puff up after being swallowed. Plus, most have a toxic substance that makes them taste yucky.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Did you know that Leatherback Sea Turtles are the biggest turtles on earth? I learned a lot about them on National Geographic Kids.

Koala Bear at San Diego Zoo

I found this on YouTube. So very cute!

THE NEW BABY. A Koala’s progress

This is from an email my aunt TT forwarded to me…

Not everybody gets to view this type of baby as Koalas are very private with their babies.  I gather the Mother must have died in a possible road accident and they managed to save the babies.  This is a fabulous feat for the wild life carer as they only feed on special milk.  They usually are attached to a teat inside the Koalas pouch.

THE NEW BABY.  A Koala’s progress