Great White Shark

This post is for my friend Demitre.

One of my favorite facts is that Great White Sharks have lived on earth for 350 million years.

Baby sharks are called pups. When they are born they swim away from its mother. That’s a good thing because she sometimes sees her babies as prey and eats them.  At that time, they are about 5 feet long and weigh about 77 pounds. When Great Whites are fully grown, they are usually three times longer than that and they can weigh more than 4,500 pounds!

Shark’s favorite food is sea lions and seals. They are at the top of the food chain because they are big, strong, fast,  and have sharp teeth to catch their prey. They also have a great sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight. After a really big meal, they can go a month without eating again.  Most people are afraid of Great White Sharks. Did you know that they are also afraid of us?  Shark attacks on human beings don’t happen very often. I’ve heard that more people die from getting hit by falling coconuts.

Puffer Fish

Did you know that Puffer Fish are very interesting fish? Puffer Fish puff up when predators come swimming by looking for food.  When other fish gobble them down it wont be a good snack to eat because it can still puff up after being swallowed. Plus, most have a toxic substance that makes them taste yucky.