Hi ~ Welcome to My Website!

My name is Maryn, I am 12 years old and love animals! I hope you guys learn a lot on my website.

~Things I like to do~

I love to boogie board even though I don’t live by a beach. I love to build forts with my friends and family, but they all some how they get wrecked. I mean why would some one want to destroy something awesome. I love to joke around. I am a really good artist(not to brag) :) I love to draw animals. and i love to listen to music!

Building forts with my brother and sister. (2010)

~Dream Job~

Everyone hopefully has a dream job. My dream job or jobs is to produce music like Avicii and David Guetta. Or be a marine biologist.


The sport I play is water polo. Water polo is the toughest sport in the world.


Junior Olympics, Stanford, CA (2012)